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麻省理工大学斯隆商学院院长Dave Schmittlein教授说:“非常感谢你们的慰问!我们现在物资暂时不缺,大家也都回到家中,在线学习,网上办公。MIT会把你们作为案例,分享给商学院的所有同学。”

西北大学凯洛格商学院国际交流部主任Lauren Kostas告诉我们,他们马上就要放春假了,看现在的情况,恐怕春假还要延长。他们感谢我们的慰问,同时很钦佩我们在疫情期间的行动力。



麻省理工大学斯隆商学院院长Dave Schmittlein:

your amazingly kind and generous offer touches my heart and I will share it with the leadership of the MIT Sloan School.  We have what we need in this regard currently, it seems.  Our campus, like many in the U.S., is transitioning to online instruction and students dispersing and staff working from home. You and your colleagues know a great deal about all that, and we are working to emulate the creativity and resilience of the Chinese people, especially the people of Wuhan. We will remember your thoughtfulness, and look forward to a time when it will be possible to say a better “Thank you,” perhaps in person. With best wishes to you, and to our many good and continuing friends in China.

哈佛商学院院长Nitin Nohria:

Thank you for your encouraging note and generous offer to send us masks. Fortunately, we are well stocked on the necessities for the coming weeks. I certainly hope that your situation has much improved and that you are through the worst. It is so kind of you to think of others who are beginning phases of this crisis.

加州伯克利大学哈斯商学院院长Ann Harrison:

We admire your spirit of giving back and providing it where it is most needed in these difficult times. The role of business is to serve society by creating opportunities for your fellow men and women. By volunteering and applying your MBA skills to help businesses suffering under the crisis of the coronavirus, you and your fellow students are lifting up those around you and yourselves. At Berkeley Haas, one of our defining leadership principles is to Go Beyond Yourself -- to take actions that are in the interest of the greater good and to make decisions that will have a positive impact in the long run. You and your fellow students are embodying this spirit right now. We salute you for it and wish you health and success. We are okay for now. I appreciate the offer though!

耶鲁大学商学院院长Kerwin Charles教授:

Thank you for your kind note and this incredibly thoughtful gesture.  I believe that my colleagues have been in touch. I’m very moved by the support of the global community during this challenging time and send my best wishes to you and your community as you look to heal and recover in the days ahead.

康奈尔大学商学院院长Mark Nelson:

Thanks so much for your kind note.  We are working through this situation, and I know you have dealt with it too.  We will be happy to have it behind us! In the meanwhile, I appreciate your warm thoughts, and wish you the very best.

纽约大学斯特恩商学院院长Raghu Sundaram:

Thank you very much for your kind note and offer of support. All of our classes and virtually all of our operations have moved online, therefore, the need for masks may be better served elsewhere. Once again, sincere thanks for your kind and supportive note. I send my best wishes to you and your classmates for good health and for your futures.

杜克大学富卡商学院院长William Boulding:

Thank you so much for your words of support. We announced yesterday we are moving all classes online. Thank you for your remarkably generous offer. Your willingness to help us when your own community has been hit so hard is extraordinary. Simply receiving your offer lifts my spirits. If we are in need of the masks you offer I will let you know.

密歇根大学罗斯商学院院长Scott DeRue:

Thank you for your email. We are adapting, and doing everything we can to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our community. We've moved a remote, virtual work environment. Really appreciate your outreach.

UCLA安德森商学院院长Antonio Bernardo:

Thank you very much for you thoughtful note and I appreciate your willingness to help. We are doing fine at this time but I’ll be sure to reach out to you if you can help. In the meantime, please stay safe and take care of yourself and your family.

南加州大学马歇尔商学院副院长Mary Olson:

Thank you so much for your kind message and for your concern as well. Dean James is currently away from the office but asked that I respond to your email on his behalf. We are doing quite well here and, of course, continuing to closely monitor the advisories of our health officials and government. We are hearing reports that the situation in Wuhan has improved and we are all uplifted by that news. Thank you again for reaching out and please accept our very best wishes too.

西北大学凯洛格商学院国际交流部主任Lauren Kostas:

Thank you for your outreach and kind offer.  You are so thoughtful to think of us. I will decline for now. Northwestern is entering finals week (offered online) and then we are going into our Spring Break. We are extending Spring Break a week to prepare for going 100% remote learning April 4. In the meantime, we are practicing social distancing and closely monitoring guidance from the US Centers for Disease Control. It is a trying time for many of us around the globe, but I believe that the best course of action is to focus on working together and supporting one another – as you and your classmates have modeled. Wishing you and your classmates all the best.

哥伦比亚大学商学院公共关系主任Chris Cashman:

It is so very kind of you to reach out to us.  And what you are reading is correct: coronavirus is affecting many elements of daily life here in New York and throughout many parts of the US.  While I can’t speak for all of those affected, I can tell you that our community is staying united in the face of this threat and has been amenable to changes made to their studies here at Columbia. We are fortunate to have witnessed your leadership in the face of this crisis, which has and is serving as an example for us to follow. I am grateful for your thoughtfulness and will relay your compassion to members of our community. I do hope you are doing well and wish you the very best as this virus continues to impact both of our societies. At this moment we are dispersing much of the community in an attempt to limit close quarters, and our hope is that this action mitigates the need for masks as our community will largely reside in their personal residences. I am grateful for your thoughtfulness and may take you up on the offer should the situation shift. Thank you again, and I do hope you are well.


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